Our principles

Local residents, organisations, elected representatives, schools, and faith groups are invited to join Haringey Welcome in making our Borough an inclusive, just and safer place by signing up to the shared values and principles of dignity and respect for all, protection not destitution and welcome and integration.


Haringey Welcome is a campaign group of local volunteers.  We work for fairness, dignity and respect for migrants and refugees in the London borough of Haringey. We want a welcoming and inclusive community that benefits everyone who lives and works here.

We believe the Government’s so-called ‘Hostile Environment’ policies, aimed at vulnerable migrants, threaten the safety of those individuals as well as creating hostility within the wider community. In response, we aim to nurture and reinforce the positive values of diversity, inclusivity and welcome in Haringey.

Past campaigns:

In September 2015 we began our first campaign, as part of the nationwide Refugees Welcome movement.  We wanted the borough to accept Syrian refugees via the Government resettlement scheme. In November 2016 we succeeded in persuading Haringey Council to resettle ten Syrian refugee families.

Further links:

Resources and campaigns:

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