Haringey Welcome Musicians Collective

Guitar? Oud? Clarinet? Marimba?  Composer?  Band leader? Whatever your involvement in music, if you live in Haringey, we want to hear from you.

Haringey has a great range of cultures and musical styles, and that’s what Haringey Welcome aims to build on.  Our vision is an ensemble of musicians from all these backgrounds, making music that honours the individual traditions, as well as fusing them into something new and exciting.  Our Musicians Collective will meet, jam, perform and record: a showcase for skills, a demonstration of multiculturalism at its best, and another means of making our borough more welcoming. 

We’ve made a start, with the song Adversity Rhyme, written by our co-ordinator Lucy Nabijou, performed on oud, qanun, piano, clarinet and vocals, and arranged and produced by Lucy’s nephew, Kayvon Nabijou.  Adversity Rhyme highlights the struggle and dignity of an individual refugee, and its setting represents her east-west journey.  It’s also currently headlining our crowd funder for The Voice of Domestic Workers.  You can read about this amazing grass-roots organisation, and donate to their hardship fund, here.

We’re keen to hear from professional and amateur local musicians with enthusiasm and different skills to offer for this new project. The Haringey Welcome Collective will bring together people who might otherwise never meet, through the shared language of creativity.  We’re excited by the prospect.  If you are too, or you’d like to learn more, please contact us at refugeeswelcomeharingey@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you, and to hearing your music!    

You can hear Adversity Rhyme, watch the video, and make a donation to support the migrant domestic workers Covid-19 hardship fund on our Crowdfunder page:


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