Are you directly affected by the UK’s hostile asylum and immigration system?
Explore the organizations and community initiatives that might be able to provide you with the support.

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Haringey Migrant Support Centre offers free advice and casework support on immigration, housing, homelessness, and destitution. Migrants from across greater London are welcome, including refugees, asylum seekers, and those who are undocumented or at risk of losing their leave to remain. 

CARIS Haringey provides a holistic range of services for homeless families in temporary accommodation in the London Borough of Haringey. Service users include a high proportion of refugees, asylum seekers, victims of domestic violence, and those with mental health issues.

Living Under One Sun is a community driven charity based in the heart of Tottenham, delivering free frontline community-led projects, services, events, and festivals. They run a community café, hub, and garden at Down Lane Park.

Haringey Council’s Resettlement Team provides support and advice to local residents who have been resettled in the borough or who are struggling within the immigration and asylum system.

Right to Remain works with communities, groups, and organisations across the UK, providing information, resources, training and assistance to help people to establish their right to remain, and to challenge injustice in the immigration and asylum system.

The Right to Remain Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to the UK immigration and asylum system, available in different languages. It’s free to use and available to migrants seeking to understand and defend their legal position in the UK. 

Project 17 works to end destitution among migrant families with no recourse to public funds, improving their access to local authority support. 

Praxis gives advice, provides support, and campaigns so that migrants and refugees in the UK can live with safety, dignity and respect. 


What is Haringey Welcome?

Haringey Welcome is a grassroots collective of local volunteers. We work for fairness, dignity, and respect for migrants and refugees in the London Borough of Haringey. We want a welcoming and inclusive community that benefits everyone who lives and works here.

What is the Hostile Environment?

UK Government Hostile Environment policies embed immigration controls for undocumented migrants and others into every aspect of daily life. They are an egregious form of dehumanisation and exclusion that threaten the safety and dignity of migrants and racialised people and create hostility and division within the wider community. 


People in the asylum and immigration system are denied rights to work, study, access healthcare, or claim benefits. They are forced into destitution, pushed towards exploitation, and subject to criminalisation. It is this raft of policies which led to the Windrush Scandal.


In response, we aim to nurture the positive values of inclusivity, diversity, and welcome in our community. We believe in universal rights, and in the right to move. We work collectively as part of a wider anti-racist movement to end the Hostile Environment.

What are some of the issues affecting the lives of migrants in Haringey?

Haringey is a diverse place, with local residents from all around the world. Migrants suffer many of the same problems as others in the community – with concerns for quality jobs, affordable housing and public services amongst the issues shared across the community.


Migrants and refugees in the UK also have to deal with an unfair and dysfunctional immigration system. Many people wait years for a decision on their status, face high costs for healthcare, visa renewals, and legal services, and don’t have the right to work or study. These rules and inefficiencies prevent many migrants and refugees with insecure status from integrating into local communities and getting on with their lives.

What are the objectives of the Haringey Welcome campaign?

Our strategic campaign work is focused on making the Haringey community and local council welcoming for everyone. We want to make Haringey a place where all are treated with dignity and respect and have their rights protected. 


We are keen to ensure that our local authority – Haringey Council – is working to serve the interests of all local residents equally and is not supporting policies that alienate and marginalise migrants. 

How will these objectives be achieved?

Many people are not aware of what is taking place in the borough, while their fellow residents are made invisible and left to suffer in silence. We want to platform the voices and create spaces for those impacted to put a spotlight on their experiences so that everybody knows what is happening and works together to address these problems locally.


Alongside others in the Haringey Migrant Justice Coalition and wider local civil society, we work with Haringey Council to embed the principles of welcome enshrined in its Welcome Strategy into local authority guidance and practices. 


Who will Haringey Welcome benefit?

All local residents, including migrants and refugees, will benefit from Haringey becoming a Welcome Borough. The current situation in which many of our fellow residents cannot live freely and without fear is immoral, damages community cohesion and makes everybody less safe. We know that policies that discriminate against one group can readily be extended to us all. 


Becoming a Welcome Borough means Haringey doing all it can to include everybody equally, and act in the interests of local residents. Evidence from the United States suggests that communities that have adopted ‘sanctuary’ or welcoming policies have a lower crime rate, lower unemployment, and higher incomes. Similar policies in Haringey would enable all residents in our borough to contribute to, and benefit from, a community that is safe, united, and supportive to all.


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