Community Tales of Resistance

”In migrant justice work there are No Small Victories”

Kamila Shamsie

Lucy Nabijou from Haringey Welcome talks to guests surviving and resisting the UK’s Hostile Environment immigration policy and explores what a kinder and more hopeful society could look like.

S02E04 No Small Victories: Martin Newell

Lucy talks to Martin Newell, a Catholic Priest and social activist about his work for migrant justice in Haringey for the London Catholic Worker, including his involvement in  Giuseppe Conlon House, a home for destitute migrants in North London. 

S02E03 No Small Victories: Ahmed

Lucy talks to ‘Ahmed’, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan who worked for NATO until 2021. He explains why he fled his country and what sustains him in his quest for safety as he navigates the UK’s cruel, hostile environment policies.

S02E02 No Small Victories: Tonya Mavri

Lucy talks to Tonya Mavri about her work with children and families for Caris Haringey and her memories of growing up in Tottenham in the 1980s and 1990s.

S02E01 No Small Victories: Rossana Leal

 In this first episode of Season2, Lucy speaks to Rossana Leal, Founder and CEO of The Refugee Buddy Project and a refugee who arrived in Britain from Chile in the 1970s. Recorded at the end of 2023, fifty years  after the violent right-wing Chilean coup  toppled Salvador Allende’s democratic government and brought a 17-year dictatorship to power, Rossana reflects on how the past, and the welcome her and her family received as refugees in Scotland, has informed her work for migrant justice and building community through art and culture.

S01E10 No Small Victories: Sharif Barko

In this episode, we remember the remarkable but tragic life of Sharif Barko, long term resident of Haringey, friend and supporter of Haringey Welcome, and a Sudanese refugee from Darfur’s Massaleit community, who was tragically killed on a family visit to Darfur in January 2021. Through Sharif’s story we explore the wider context of conflict and genocide in Darfur and Sudan over the past two decades, and Britain’s failure of responsibility towards Sudanese migrants and refugees.

S01E09 No Small Victories: Mavis

Lucy speaks to Mavis, a single mum, author, campaigner, and migrant, about coming to the UK from Jamaica as a teenager and living for decades with insecure immigration status, navigating rules and systems such as ‘no recourse to public funds’ and the ‘ten-year route’. Mavis explains how she eventually found her power and her voice and the courage to speak up in order to help and educate others.

S01E08 No Small Victories: Mulugeta

Lucy speaks to Mulugeta, Resettlement Support Worker at Haringey Council, about his experience of growing up in war-torn Eritrea, of travelling for two years in search of sanctuary, and finally of enduring the challenges of the UK’s hostile asylum system. Mulugeta shares his love of education and commitment to community development, which have allowed him to find growth and purpose since settling in the UK.

S01E07 No Small Victories: Abdulrahman Bdiwi

Lucy speaks to Abdulrahman Bdiwi, Lived Experience Involvement Officer at Breaking Barriers, about his experience of starting a new life in Britain after coming here via the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. In a remarkably honest and revealing conversation, Abdulrahman describes the many challenges he and his family have lived through and how he has set about successfully building a new life.

S01E06 No Small Victories: Matt Lunn

Lucy speaks to Revd Matt Lunn, Minister at Muswell Hill Methodist Church, about how, together with Rabbi David Mason of Muswell Hill Synagogue, he set up Muswell Hill Welcomes, a support initiative for asylum seekers and refugees in the area.

S01E05 No Small Victories: Dr Latefa Guemar

Lucy speaks to Dr Latefa Guemar about her personal and professional experience of the UK’s asylum and immigration system. They discuss Latefa’s forthcoming book, Algerian Women and Diasporic Experience (September 2023).

S01E04 No Small Victories: Alison Davy

Lucy speaks to Alison Davy about Community Cook Up in Northumberland Park and its ethos: solidarity not charity. They talk about the importance of providing a safe, friendly environment for people to meet and about the magic food offers to bring people together.

S01E03 No Small Victories: Joel

Lucy speaks to Joel from Haringey Anti-Raids about the development of the Anti-Raids Network and their activities in Haringey. How can immigration raids be resisted and what rights do those being targeted have? 

S01E02 No Small Victories: Leyla Laksari

Leyla Laksari, CEO of Living Under One Sun in Tottenham, tells Lucy about her arrival in the UK from Iran in 1976, her work with migrant communities and the importance of collective space, friendship and belonging.

S01E01 No Small Victories: Jessica Potter

Lucy speaks to Jessica Potter, Consultant at North Middlesex University Hospital, about the right to health and dignity for all. They discuss why the Hostile Environment is so detrimental to our collective wellbeing and how racism is corroding the UK’s public health provision.


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