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Refugees need your help

In Haringey and across England and Wales, we are facing a humanitarian emergency as the number of refugees becoming street homeless is skyrocketing. Short eviction periods for vacating Home Office accommodation make the transition to independent living hugely challenging, both financially and practically. 

A moment which should be joyful, receiving a positive outcome on an asylum claim, quickly becomes a nightmare in which people are often ending up on the streets.

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Housing for all Haringey Welcome homelesness campaign



Together we can ensure that people who have already been through so much, get a fighting chance at starting life in the UK.

Haringey Welcome is partnering with Museum of Homelessness (MoH) to raise desperately needed money to assist these members of our Haringey community with the upfront cost to rent a room.

A total of around £1,600 is needed for each individual for 1 month’s deposit and 1 month’s rent to top up what the council provides and give them a helping hand to avoid falling into homelessness and destitution.

  • £500 per person is the standard support available from Haringey Council for people facing homelessness who don’t qualify as “priority need”.
  • £200 per person will be generously matched by MoH from solidarity funds.
  • £900 per person remaining is what we want to raise with this crowdfunder!

The practical action of making a donation here is also a collective expression of the compassion and solidarity that’s in abundance in our community and in the country. It’s an opportunity to have a direct and lasting impact for good on somebody’s life. 

Housing for all Haringey Welcome homelesness campaign


Housing Crisis meets
the Hostile Environment

The Government has been on a long-running mission to establish a “Hostile Environment” for migrants and refugees.  Granting asylum seekers refugee status, only to follow it swiftly with an eviction notice, and no support to move on, creates a perfect storm for these members of our community, many of whom are living with the effects of conflict and trauma and are in the very early stages of rebuilding their lives. In other words, they are being set up to fail. However, where the problem is financial – we can all help. We might not be able to change government policy, but we can counter it with solidarity and generosity for these vulnerable members of our community.

Although they are facing the UK’s dysfunctional and often discriminatory housing market with no savings (having lived on £8 a week for months or even years on end, without the right to work), no references, no credit history, and no guarantors, we know that in all of us, they have friends and allies in the community who can support them at this most critical moment of transition. Haringey Welcome has also recently joined #Homes4All campaign to demand safe and secure homes for everyone in the UK. We know the housing crisis will not end until everyone – regardless of immigration status, ethnicity or nationality – is safely housed. 


Pounds Raised

How you can help

The aim of this ongoing fundraiser is to raise enough money to address the financial side of the equation. The funds raised will top up the £500 support Haringey Council provides for people facing homelessness who don’t qualify as “priority need”. With rents per room in Haringey currently in the region of £700-800 a month, the amount needed will be up to £1,600 for rent and deposit for each single individual.

By May 2024 we had been able to support six refugees into housing through this fund. We are aware of a number of others still in need and this need will grow in the coming months as more people gain refugee status and face eviction. We would like to be in a position to support as many people as possible so this fundraising project will remain open for donations. 

Our target is to raise £900 per person to cover the shortfall left from any council support and the £200 matched by the MoH solidarity fund, and bridge them until they either receive their first Universal Credit payment, or secure their first job.

This manufactured crisis is avoidable. Having the stability of your own personal space – a bedroom, a kitchen to cook some food in, is the foundation we all need to build our lives on.

Every penny you provide is critical. It gets us closer to supporting one more refugee to secure their accommodation and spare them the physical and mental health risks associated with street homelessness.

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offer a room

If you have a spare room to offer a homeless refugee, whether short term or longer term, please contact Haringey Council’s Resettlement Team directly on giving them details of what you can offer.